Ramadan 2021

The season of unity, spirituality and togetherness

In this report, bought to you by Anghami, we look at how people in MENA are planning on living and celebrating Ramadan this year.

You can view the full report here or download the PDF below.

Ramadan: the biggest cultural season during which Muslim communities unite on a journey of spirituality and compassion. It’s celebrated with family & friends across the globe.

Daily gatherings, community prayers, charity events, and outings for iftar or suhoor make Ramadan the month all Muslims look forward to. With the outbreak of Covid19, celebrating Ramadan – together – became a challenge. The pandemic reshaped how the Muslim community prepares for, lives, and celebrates the holy month.



Our Community                          

  • Our Community cares about family - 68% value spending time with the family
  • They value faith & spirituality - 55% say faith and spirituality are important to them
  • They're socially responsible - 48% expect to live Ramadan rituals, with restrictions

Food Insights

  • 60.8% say that cooking is one of their top interests
  • 36% never order food during Ramadan
  • 62% order food from time to time

Fashion and Beauty Insights

  • 63% take care of their beauty during Ramadan
  • 42% like to stand out from the crowd
  • 54% say clothing matters a lot to them, especially during Ramadan

VoD Insights

  • 56% are planning on subscribing to Netflix this Ramadan
  • 41% are planning on subscribing to Shahid this Ramadan

What does all this mean for brands?

  • Own the right moments and make it memorable
  • Ramadan is a big season to them make sure your brand is part of their journey
  • Entertain & inspire: Give them ideas on what to cook, what to buy and where to buy from
  • Make them feel safe
  • Make sure your brand is heard while seen

Own the moments and make them memorable

  • Speak to them using products that engage all their senses
  • Offer multisensory experiences with Audio
  • Entertain with content

Measuring all this