Oli Budworth

Head of Strategy, The Croc

Oliver started his career in Marketing client side before jumping the fence to agency life. Since then, he has worked for a range of agencies including those at large networks like Ogilvy at WPP leading the European marketing and advertising for Ford Performance and Commercial Vehicles in Europe. Oliver has also helped brands like Nestlê, Carlsberg, Oracle, Cancer Research and Sage connect with people and culture through award-winning strategies and ideas.

He now leads the strategic practice at The Croc - the B2B Customer Experience agency, helping shed new light on complex challenges, combining brand and communications expertise to enable clients to navigate the complex world of B2B.

In life, transformation happens for two reasons; a fight-or-flight response to something where change absolutely has to happen, or dissatisfaction
In 1981, Nintendo launched a new video game featuring a giant barrel throwing ape named Donkey Kong, holding a woman
Depending on how long you’ve worked in marketing, you’ll likely have heard this phrase quite a bit