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A new initiative aimed at driving diversity and inclusion across the marcomms industry in the MENA region.

The Marketing Society is delighted to announce THINK EQUAL - a new initiative aimed at driving diversity and inclusion across the marcomms industry in the MENA region.

Initially the focus will be on accelerating gender equality helping to progress the careers of mid and senior management women (8-15 years of experience roughly), to take more positions leading brands, agencies and media owners in the UAE and wider MENA region.

Through training, events, mentoring, policy changes, content and much more, we aim to provide tangible activity that will make an impact and a difference now. We’ll also be collaborating with other membership groups, event organisers and media to ensure more equal visibility and opportunity are provided to female talent.


A working committee of inspiring leaders from the industry has been put together to help lead the strategic focus and to shape activity:

  • Annie Arsane, TikTok
  • Kinda Al Issa, TikTok
  • Mohammed Ismaeel, TOUGHLOVE Advisors
  • Rachel Dunn, Microsoft
  • Leanne Foy, Leanne Foy & Co, Project Director
  • Alasdair Hall-Jones, The Marketing Society


1) Build rather than Leverage Relationships

  • Mentorship Program: Sign up to be a mentor/mentored by an industry senior leader
  • Networking events: One per quarter - date to be announced soon

2) Unequal Visibility Opportunities

  • Equal speaking pledge: work with event and conference producers for 50/50 speaker balance
  • Speaker directory: provide a directory of female speakers and their areas of expertise

3) Personal Growth & self belief at the highest levels

  • Trainings, events and Masterclasses: more information coming soon
  • Book circles: Our book circle launched in September 2022, with ‘How Women Rise’ .

How can you get involved?

  1. More events will be announced soon.
  2. Join us for an engaging session that will explore different leadership styles that encourage greater inclusion and acceleration of women into leadership roles, as well as the traits, encouraging behaviours, and feedback of the mentors that influence their rise to the top. Empathy, collaboration, resilience, and communication are key buzz words associated with effective female leaders. Are there insights to garner from the differences in how effective male and female mentors guide women
    towards leadership roles? What can organizations do more of? And what can individuals do today to advance the journey?

    Register your interest to attend here.
  3. Take part and complete our 5-minute survey to take a pulse of the marketing communications industry, which will help shape future activity of Think Equal.
  4. If you'd like to register to be a mentor or mentee you can register online here.

If you would like more information about the ways you can get involved please email us at - [email protected]


We are stronger together, than we are alone. And that’s why we want the marcomms industry to come together to make a difference. Every single person who makes up our brilliant industry can make an impact. Whether that’s through donating your time on our working committee, or putting your hand up to run an event or training session, you may have some suggestions of speakers to add to our speaker library, or have a venue you want to provide for free. However big or small, everything makes a difference.

We are delighted to partner with leading organisations for THINK EQUAL to help champion our cause. Thank you to TikTok and Weber Shandwick we look forward to collaborating together to accelerate change.

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Please get in touch with our Project Director Leanne Foy for more information.



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