to be announced at our cocktails and celebration event

We want to find the most inspirational marketing leader there is in the UAE and recognise the impact they are having on their team, brand, business growth and the reputation of the industry.

The winner will be selected based on a combination of proven achievements: their success as a leader, how they empower those around them to be the best they can be, how they have been brave themselves and how they are using innovative, creative solutions to have maximum impact on their brand and society as a whole. This award is not about one specific campaign but about the people who inspire you every day to be the very best marketer you can be.

Qualifying criteria:

  • Must be 30 or over at the time of the ceremony (7 December 2021)
  • Must live and work in the UAE
  • Must be able to demonstrate how they personally have had positive impact on business or team
  • Must be an advocate for marketing as a driver of growth

What we are looking for:
LEADERSHIP SKILLS: A person who can clearly demonstrate consistent leadership skills over a sustained period and shows natural leadership ability

CREATIVITY & STRATEGIC PLANNING: Has the ability to quickly identify issues and solutions - weigh up risks and make strategic decisions. Consistently explores new approaches and creative thinking to find new solutions and approaches

POSITIVE IMPACT: Leaves a positive impression, is credible, inclusive, engaging and motivates those around them. Is an individual who understands how to make things happen and will if necessary, step outside of their remit to achieve bigger picture goals

COMMUNICATION: A marketer who is articulate, fluent and clear in their communication style and is inclusive of those around them able to give and take on board feedback

AMBITION: Consistently exceeds targets & has clear goals and ambitions, wants to be an advocate for marketing as a changemaker in business 

Please submit your nominations by 22 November, the winner will be revealed at our Cocktails and Celebration evening on 7 December


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