Launch event: AD NET ZERO

UK advertising's response to the climate emergency

The Climate Emergency is the most important issue we face.

On the morning of November 18 we will be launching Ad Net Zero – UK advertising’s response to the Climate Emergency. We invite you to be a part of the drive to reduce the carbon impact of developing, producing and running UK advertising to real net zero by end 2030.

We will be joined by speakers from the Advertising Association, UK advertising’s think tank Credos, Sky, Unilever and WPP. They will present new analysis of the carbon footprint produced by working practices of the UK advertising industry and discuss the steps we must take to reduce it.

Most crucially, we will explain how you can join our new industry drive, Ad Net Zero, by implementing our industry’s 5-point action plan in your business, whether you’re from an agency, media owner, production company, tech platform or advertiser.

Join us on November 18 and be part of our industry’s response to the Climate Emergency.

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