Matt Reid

Co-Producer, Maximal Concepts Ltd

Matt is a renowned creative disruptor, restauranteur and environmental entrepreneur. A restless mind that always seeks to find and apply pressure to the relationship between creativity, strategy and brand.

Matt is the co-founder of Steelhead Group; a collection of companies ranging from the leading restaurant group in Asia, Maximal Concepts, to Disruption Labs; a pioneering biotech wellness company.

Matt is passionate social entrepreneur sitting on two charities Board of Directors, Plastic Oceans Foundation & Hong Kong Shark Foundation, and currently an advisor to the Ellen McArthur Foundation. He believes re-purposing the power of business to be the principle driver of change. Harnessing creativity and popular culture, through inspiring and informative content, and amplifying through hyper inter-connectivity is a key philosophy. Being part of the team that produced ‘A Plastic Ocean’ has led Matt to develop more films and content programs.

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