Livity is a creative business that works hand in hand with brands and the next generation to build the future better. Because they are the talent, citizens and customers who define right now what’s coming next for everyone. Our clients include FootLocker, Audible, Nike, BT, Google and the Government.

Brands collaborate with Livity in order to do the work they have never done before, to earn their place in youth culture, and make meaningful contributions on the world’s biggest issues.  We connect with our In Future List of diverse creatives, activists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to identify the ideas and trends that are coming next. While our work benefits from young people’s insights, the young people we mentor receive training, experience and support into employment and education.

We’ve read the 2021 predictions and trends from senior leaders in the media and marketing industry, but what about the
The new generation reveals to us an alternative definition of togetherness that comes from difference and contradictions...
Creativity is a powerful tool for building social cohesion within communities and helping to lift people out of adversity.

As we welcome in the new year it feels like the perfect time to contemplate what we can expect from

SXSW. It’s often seen as the holy grail of adland conferences with two weeks full of tech, music, film, experiences