Q&A with Rupen Desai, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Dole Sunshine Co

What is the best advice you ever got?

I get most of my life’s best advice from Calvin and Hobbes (thank you Bill Waterson).

The one I try and live my life on, is ‘Never stop having fun in what you do’.

Your biggest influence

This has to be my father’s parenting philosophy. During my formative years, his response to all my illogical, intuitive, unconventional choices was simply, ‘let’s give it a shot, even if it does not make sense to me’.  The best people I have worked with seem to share this and I have spent my life looking for leaders who do, as well. 

The smartest business idea you’ve ever had

Glow in the dark toilet paper, till I realised someone else beat me to it.

The experience that taught you the most

Bad leaders. I have always learnt more from them, than I ever have - from the good ones. Taking names would be rude.

The leader you most admire and why?

Melati Wisjen - She is 100% authentic, 120% passion, 150% all-in with her beliefs and makes all of us, at Dole, more accountable to the journey we believe in.

Your favourite app and why

Tik Tok. Seeing some of the mindless video’s is great downtime viewing.

What do you love most about your job and why?

We are building a business (and a brand) that our conscience can live with.

Join Rupen at Inspiring Minds: Leading with Purpose on 22 September. Book tickets here.



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