Q&A with Brianna Burt

Business Development Manager at LS Productions

Can you tell us a little about your day-to-day life as Business Development Manager at LS Productions?

I’m working across a lot of parts of the business as well as corners of the industry - car, drink, sports, fashion, music, film - oh my! -  collaborating with the marketing, production, locations and leadership teams at LS to spotlight or investigate opportunities to build relationships with clients. Trust is a big deal in the industry, especially from where we sit bringing creative ideas to life. So an equally big part of my job is finding out how to best communicate this, by who and where.

From Seattle, to Silicon Valley, to Edinburgh. You’ve worked on a lot of projects across such a variety of industry. What project has excited you the most and why?

I’m still keeping my fingers crossed to work with Megan Rapinoe (based in my hometown of Seattle), but we get to work with some incredible talent here in the UK on and off camera. The team worked on a project with Diageo, Anomaly, and the Good Company starring the incredible Stanley Tucci on location in east London for Tanqueray. It was a great piece of work with incredible casting and crew, and so that’s been a fun one on my end to get to chat about in our key markets. Now I’m hoping for a crossover into our entertainment side of the business involving the talented Tucci (hopefully food-related).

What keeps you inspired?

New voices in the industry who were able to be heard and then continued to be supported by great opportunities met with equally great compensation, development, and space to innovate. Not nearly enough of these stories, but awareness of where we are sorely lacking seems to be increasing. 

What was the appeal of working in the entertainment/production industry?

A genuine curiosity for how the sausage gets made. And then I’ve been kept there by what I said above, as well as by my talented colleagues.

With the current score 4 – 4, have you got any strategies you think will lead your team to victory at the Creative Challenge?

Our approach is two-fold. Finding the nugget of truth each of our ads were built upon, and then just having a lot of fun communicating it with everyone in attendance. 



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