Lyndsay Snoddon

Advisory Board interview with Lyndsay Snoddon

Group Account Director, The Union

Briefly tell us a little about yourself and what your role involves as Group Account Director at The Union?

Lyndsay Snoddon, Group Account Director at the Union – a full-service marketing and advertising company based in Edinburgh. I started my career in digital marketing 10 years ago and have had the pleasure of working across a range of disciplines and industries ever since. Now, I run a team of ambitious and talented Account Managers at the Union and we help facilitate all things marketing for a range of clients across a range of industries. I feel incredibly lucky to say that I really love my job and the industry that we work in. I have a real passion for solving complex challenges and marketing allows me to do that every day.

What’s your golden rule - at work and in life?

Do what you said you would.

What motivated you to join The Marketing Society Scotland Advisory Board?

I’m a strong believer that the marketing industry in Scotland is a powerful force for good, for progression, innovation and change. Being part of the Advisory Board gives me the opportunity to help facilitate this and shout about the awesome work that we do.

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing your industry today?

Cut through. With so many channels, and customer attention spans on the decline I think the biggest challenge now is really engaging audiences.

Which leader do you admire most and why?

Tough one as I’m normally a big fan of the underdog! But I’m going to say Taylor Swift. The journey she’s been on has shown admirable resilience and the ability for her to come full 360 and truly back to what she originally stood for has been remarkable.

Why is being part of the Marketing Society important for your career?

Connections. The Marketing Society has connected me with so many amazing people from a range of different specialisms – those connections are where the best ideas come from.

What would be your one piece of advice to those just starting out in your industry?

Just as I said above – don’t underestimate the importance of your word and if you say you’re going to do something do it. This will allow you to be more selectiv e with what you say yes to, in a good way. It’ll also mean you build trust and strong relationships much easier. And people and relationships are key to a successful career in marketing.

Tell us something that isn't on your CV

I’m an identical twin. Boring, but true! So if you see me and I ignore you, it’s probably because it’s my twin!


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