UAE Conference

UAE Conference 2022 Changemakers: Ignite

Coca-Cola Arena, 9 November, 9:30am to 4:30pm

A powerful day of inspiration, ideas and energy from entrepreneurs, creatives, marketing leaders and pioneers that will set you and your team's potential alight and remind you what good marketing can achieve. 

Our UAE Changemakers Ignite Conference 2022 returns on 9 November, 9.30am - 4.30pm in Dubai at Coca-Cola Arena.

This conference will feature drivers of change, outstanding leaders and visionaries. They will share their experience, insights and advice to empower and inspire marketers to be the changemakers in their organisations - we will hear from speakers who have changed as leaders, changed their organisations, changed their brands and have changed the marketing landscape. The changemakers who unite and ignite. We promise you will leave empowered and equipped with the tools and knowledge needed in these challenging times. It’s going to be one extraordinary day. A full agenda will be available shortly...


10.30am | Welcome

  • Sophie Devonshire, CEO, The Marketing Society

10.35am | The Day Ahead

  • Mohammed Ismaeel Hameedaldin, Partner, TOUGHLOVE Advisors (host)

10.40am | Changemakers Transformational Story

  • Amina Taher, Vice President of Brand, Marketing and Sponsorships, Etihad Airways 

11.00am | What can marketing learn from Mega-events and sport
Hear from the man that helped bring the EXPO2020 to Dubai. Phillipe Blanchard is a world-class expert in mega-events with a 30-years of experience in Bidding, Delivery and Legacy. He is the Founder of Futurous, a consulting company on Mega-event, Sports and Technology. Futurous Games, the Games of the future, encompass new competitions associating male and female, athlete and para-athlete, sports and esports, mankind and robots and offering education and interactivity between competitors and fans. 

  • Phillipe Blanchard, Founder, Futurous

11.20am | How to manage change effectively 
Today there is no denying that the pace of life and technological advancements are growing exponentially. And with it come changes in people and their behaviours. Impacting brands and their audiences equally. So how can brands keep up? This session will look into the key ingredient that TikTok can offer brands to manage change better.

  • Elias W. Bassil, Head of Strategy at TikTok 

11.40am | Changemakers in Conversation
Marketers have always been the ones who make change happen and that’s needed now more than ever. This session is all about connections - coming together with your community to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for our industry. This is a chance to share your thoughts and gain new perspectives on what we should be changing and improving in marketing and business. 


1.00pm | Developing an inclusive community through the medium of art with Mawaheb 
Mawaheb is an art studio for the ‘Determined Ones’, those with special needs who deserve to be recognised and rewarded for their talents. Mawaheb creates an environment where their students are motivated and challenged to become the best they can possibly be. Through the medium of art and life skills training, they can explore the world and themselves, to become independent, accepted and integrated members of our society.

  • Wemmy de Maaker, Founder & Director of Mawaheb
  • Matt Horobin, Chief Strategy Officer, Partner, BOND

1.10pm | Unlocking Sustainable Growth Through ESG
Takeaway: How companies can link ESG strategy to business objectives to drive growth and shared value.
 In this session our leaders will be discussing the reasons why ESG will be the next big driver of growth and transformation in the coming decade. How have companies with established environmental, social, governance structures integrated ESG thinking into every aspect of their business. Including how to attract and retain talent.

  • Neda Shelton, SVP Group Communications, Mubadala (moderator)
  • Tosson El Noshokaty, Partner at Prophet
  • Erica Kerner, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, SailGP
  • Leyal Eskin, Head Personal Care Unilever Arabia, Middle East & Turkey

1.40pm | Leaders: Understanding the power of what we can achieve
Hear Maria Conceicao incredible story of sacrifice, overcoming adversity and how she’s making an impact to children’s lives. Her sole reason for doing all this, not because she has an athletic inclination but because she wants the children of the slums to realize that despite the expectations of people or society, you can achieve much more if you push yourself. 

  • Maria Conceicao, athlete, motivational keynote speaker and author'

1.55pm Changemakers in Conversation | Igniting Positive Impact 
This is a chance for you to become a contributor and share your story, challenge and experience on how we as leaders and guardians of the future ensure that we are building back better. How are we as an industry driving positive change?


2.30pm | Changemakers of the Future: Igniting the Spark within

Takeaway: Perspective into the digital economy and why aligning with purpose is vital to staying at the forefront of industry and innovation. In this session we will dream big as we unlock our full human potential. Web3 is reshaping the consumer-producer relationship as the digital economy is set to grow exponentially. Explore the convergence of our digital and physical worlds and understand why community and purpose-driven campaigns will be vital to future success. Web3 technology, the metaverse, and NFTs enable impact at scale but in order to deliver on a better tomorrow we first must look within. 

  • David Zennie, Founder | Executive Producer, Disruptive


3.05pm | Changemakers in the DOOH Media Landscape

The Middle East has been on a transformational journey, becoming a global hub for innovation, technology, and growth. Since the outset in 1999, W Group has been a frontrunner in bringing digitization to the limelight and uplifting consumer brand experiences while repurposing their existing OOH media assets into avant-garde landmarks, creating impact for more than 800 partners and clients.

  • Philip Matta: Group COO, W Group
  • Ghada El-Kari: Chief Marketing Officer, W Group

3.30pm | How to be Luckiest Brand On Planet Earth
Why do so many brands fail and why do the ones that win, win so big? In the end how much of this is luck and how much of this can be controlled or exploited? In this talk Mark will give the principles of being lucky. The things that are going to massively increase the potential opportunities of your brand's decisions. Once understood these principles will change your luck forever and help you create and develop brand strategy that strikes the right cord with the right audience at the right moment.

  • Mark Adams, Senior Vice President and Head of Innovation, VICE Media

3.55pm | Closing

  • Khaled Ismail, CEO - Partner, TOUGHLOVE Advisors & UAE Chair, The Marketing Society

4.00pm | Cocktails and Canapes 


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Coca-Cola Arena
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