UAE: Changemakers Unite Conference

LIVE: We’re back at Marketing Mania/GITEX in Dubai for our annual conference – Changemakers Unite

Dubai World Trade Centre, 20 October, 10am to 4pm

Do you want to discover why great marketing matters? Why marketing is absolutely critical to drive long-term growth for businesses? 

Our Changemakers Unite conference at Marketing Mania/GITEX will give you the answers...

The economy needs great marketing leaders to spearhead business resilience and recovery, to lead commercial success and consumer confidence, to help business do well. Marketers have an important role to play in transforming the nature of business and future proofing its success. Those with the passion, insights, creativity and courage to shape the future and drive impact and effectiveness are the changemakers of our industry.  

Our conference will feature drivers of change, outstanding leaders and visionaries. Who will share their experience, insights and advice to empower and inspire marketers to be the changemakers in their organisations - we will hear from speakers who have changed as leaders, changed their organisations, changed their brands and have changed the Marketing landscape.

We promise you will leave empowered and equipped with the tools and knowledge needed in these challenging times.


  • Khaled Ismail, Vice President Communications – Europe, Central Asia, Middle East  and Africa, Tetra Pak & Chair, The Marketing Society UAE

  • Mimi Nicklin, Business coach, Empathetic Leader, Author & Podcast host

  • Mohammed Ismaeel, Senior Vice President Marketing (CEMEA), Visa 

  • Rob Beswick, Managing Director, Virgin Mobile UAE

  • Mark Evans, Managing Director Marketing & Digital, Direct Line 

  • Lizzy Johnson, CMO, Ghassan Aboud Group (GAG) - (Sustainability)

  • Sami Moutran, Head of Business Marketing, TikTok METAP

  • Charles Awad, Chief Customer Officer, Majid Al Futtaim

  • Priya Sarma, External Affairs Manager MENA, Unilever & Un-stereotype Alliance UAE representative

  • Mariah Idrissi, model, presenter and filmmaker

  • Asmaa Quorrich, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Jumeirah Group

The Programme

Join us on 20 October, 10am – 4pm at Dubai World Trade Centre. A full line up of speakers will be announced shortly...


Trailblazers: Sustainability, Mobility, Opportunities, Culture 
We’ll explore key insights from the big topics coming out of EXPO 2020 and what brands need to know and do to take a more active role in ensuring we are working towards a successful future.

Trailblazers: Impact and power of Digital Marketing 
Led by a Digital Marketing expert we’ll be sharing what marketers need to know to be the changemakers of the future; you’ll get top tips from experts in the field to embrace and understand new ways of digital marketing, enabling you to future proof your business by learning how to communicate with customers in new ways and the tools you need to embrace the next wave of digital marketing.


Leaders: Evolving marketing strategies
What is best for your business; long-term strategic efforts or short-term wins? Naturally during the pandemic there was a shift to short term objectives and survival but now we are emerging how do we now turn our attention back to long term strategies? How do you to strike the right balance? How can companies innovate their marketing strategies to answer new demands? How do you measure long term results and build campaigns that have immediate and long-term effects?

Changemakers: Building excellent & engaging customer experiences 
In a world where customer loyalty is so important for brand growth and success, how do you ensure that your brand is always putting customer first? How do you build excellent customer experiences that will makes your customers want to be  your brand advocates?


How a diverse and empowered team will make you more successful
In this session we explore why it’s important to ensure we work in a diverse, inclusive way and the benefits that have diversity in your teams can have to your success. We speak to leaders who ensuring that they are making positive change within their business to have a more inclusive workforce, and the benefits this brings.

The value of nurturing future leaders
Ritchie Mehta, School of Marketing – Mentoring program

Meet the leaders
We will meet two of the UAE’s most recognized leaders to find out what drives them, their outlook for the future & the role they believe marketing plays in business

Key Details

Date: Wednesday 20 October

Time: 10am - 4pm

Format: Live (in person)

Location: Dubai World Trade Centre, Centre 2

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This is not only a day to learn and be inspired but a chance to take a day out of the office, away from the Zoom screen and spend time with your peers to be inspired and experience stories from outstanding leaders from all walks of life - the risk-takers, the trail-blazers, the visionaries who have made change happen.

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Rob Beswick

MD, Virgin Mobile UAE

Charles Awad

Chief Customer Officer, Majid Al Futtaim

Khaled Ismail

CEO - Partner, TOUGH LOVE Advisors

Sami Moutran

Senior director, B2B marketing, METAP, TikTok

Asmaa Quorrich

Chief Marketing Officer, Saudi Tourism Authority

Mimi Nicklin

CEO, Freedm, Bestselling Author & Podcast host

Mariah Idrissi

model, presenter and filmmaker
A session from our 2020 Brave Together conference.

Impact of the CMO on long term business success:
2020 has pushed marketers to be their bravest selves as they’ve had to adapt and pivot at pace to the various issues and challenges that have arisen. In this session we hear from leading marketers in the region who will share openly the journey they have been on this year, what they have learnt and to ensure that marketing is recognized as being a necessity for business success in 2021 and beyond.

* Mimi Nicklin (Host)
* Peter DeBenedictis, Microsoft
* Rami Zagran, Saudi German Hospitals



Dubai World Trade Centre
Dress code
Business casual