Trendspotting – Strategy


17 May, 9:30am to 12:30pm

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Launched in 2022, our Trendspotting events provide an environment to re-connect and discuss key topics, challenges, or issues facing the industry.

Last year's Strategy topics included: 

Value vs Values – What role for purpose-led brands during a cost of living crisis? Is brand purpose a luxury people can’t afford when they’re worried about heating their homes? Or are purpose-led brands now the expected norm, and people will continue to value doing good enough to pay a little more for it.

Sustainability – It’s a timeless truth that people get distracted from what’s really important in the long-term by what feels urgent now. How can we focus attention on the larger long-term climate crisis and sustainability issues and is there a way of framing the changes required more positively?

Behavioural Science – How can a better understanding of brain science and bias and in-built human behaviours be used by marketers to create more engaging and effective work?

You can read the event review here.

Further details on the session and how to book a place will be available from March.