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Scotland: Inspiring Minds with Mark Johnstone

Whitespace, 24 September, 3:30pm to 6pm

How do you create content that stands out? 

How do you come up with original ideas when there’s so much already out there? 


In this session, you will find out more about: 

• The different starting points for content ideas 

• How to figure out what content your audience wants 

• Why you should have a creative swipe file and how to get one 

• How to interrogate popular content to discover new opportunities 

• How to reboot your curiosity and use it as your guide 

• A framework for assessing content ideas 


Having worked with numerous agencies and brands, training their content teams, Mark has discovered the most common challenges teams face in coming up with ideas. How do you come up with a LOT of ideas? How do you know which ideas to pursue, and which will have the greatest chance of success? How do you avoid burying the idea during production? And how do you come up with fresh and different ideas, and not just tread the same old ground? 

3 years ago, Mark left life inside the agency world to work as a freelance creative consultant. Over the past few years, he has trained several content teams inside brands and agencies. A number of his clients have received awards for their creative work in that period, and openly credit Mark’s training as being transformative in enabling them to achieve those accolades. One successful creative director in the content marketing space recently attributed Mark's training for reinvigorating his creative work.

Mark has spent a lot of time breaking down the creative process into actionable steps that are transferrable to others so they can take a clear and pragmatic approach to creativity. Creativity isn’t simply about waiting for inspiration to strike. There’s an old adage that creativity is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. If that’s the case, it would make sense to focus on the 99%, provided, of course you know what that work looks like. Curious to find out? Mark will go through the practical steps you can put into place that will enhance the creative output for you and your team.

The session will be chaired by Nicola Thomson, Programme Manager: Brand Capability at The Macallan.

Tickets for Inspiring Minds cost £50 + VAT for Marketing Society Scotland members and £75 + VAT for non-members. 

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If you are a corporate member without Inspiring Minds tickets included in your package, you will be charged after the booking has been processed. If you have any queries please email us or call 0131 466 7199.

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Mark Johnstone

Creative Content Consultant

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Norloch House, 36 King's Stables Road, EH1 2EU, Scotland
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