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Onestowatch: Hong Kong

HSBC Offices Hong Kong, 22 November, 8am to 2:30pm

OnesToWatch is a unique professional development programme as part of our Being Bold initiative exclusive to our client-side corporate members. It builds upon our Manifesto for Marketing Leadership – which we launched in 2016 with leadership expert Steve Radcliffe.

We are very pleased to announce that we are bringing our professional development programme OnesToWatch to Hong Kong for the very first time. Over two half-day workshops live in Hong Kong (22 November and 30 November) this year's crop of rising star marketers will cover a range of topics, including leadership, relationships, communication, creativity, insights and more.

Why Join?

OnesToWatch recognises and nurtures the marketing leaders of the future, giving you the tools, you need to become bolder and braver marketers. Our aim is to focus you to think of yourself as a leader and equip you with the skills, tools and insights that you can use in your everyday working life to continue to flourish and grow in your career.

This is a year long program that starts with the core modules where you will hear from inspiring speakers from the industry who will share their personal stories and knowledge along with their key pieces of advice and insights. We will be covering many different aspects of leadership from digital, team building, and creativity as well as hearing from established leaders at the top of their game.

Over the course of the following 12 months, we will actively engage you with our community as you progress on your leadership journey which will include unique events, social gatherings, invites to our flagship conference and a special awards night to recognise the Future Leader of the Year 2023.

Who is this programme designed for? 

Each client-side member can nominate a maximum of two of their team for the programme – these are the marketers they see as their ‘ones to watch’ and those who have the potential to become the next generation of marketing leaders.

What will you learn and who will you hear from?

This is a year-long program, with multiple opportunities to learn, connect and be inspired. It begins with two half day modules:

Module 1 - 22 November 2022, 8am-2.30pm:

Topics include: Marketing Leadership, Preparing Better Briefs and Effective Communication

  • Andrea de Vincentiis, Regional Head of B2B Marketing, Asia-Pacific and Head of Marketing for International Markets in Asia-Pacific, HSBC
  • Brian Hui, Head of Customer Propositions & Marketing, Wealth & Personal Banking HK, HSBC
  • Nixon Cheung, Head of Commercial & Brand, HK Tramways
  • Duffy Lau, General Manager, Grey Group, HK
  • Xea K, Group Strategy Director, Grey Group, HK
  • Treena Nairne, Communications Coach, Dashpoint Management
  • Angela Cheng, Video Consultant & Corporate Trainer

Module 2 - 30 November, 2pm-6pm:

Topics include: Building High-Performing Teams, Building your Personal Brand, Measuring Insights and Marketing for Good

  • Natalie Truong, CMO Asia, Middle East & Africa & Partner, Mercer
  • Will Spence, Country Manager HK, HH Global
  • Dana Breitenstein, Global Executive Coach, Progress-U Ltd
  • Tracy Ho, Personal Branding Consultant & Executive Presence Coach, Frame & Fame Personal Branding
  • Magdalena Kotek, Chief Marketing Officer Asia Pacific, Invesco
  • Jeremy Simpson, Regional CFO, Invesco

Full programme

  • 22 Nov - OTW Module 1
  • 30 Nov - OTW Module 2
  • Dec 2022 – Project feedback session 
  • Feb 2023 – Connections & Conversations: Your Future, Your Career
  • May 2023 – Meet the leaders Session: A chance to meet leading CMO's and hear first-hand their experiences and thoughts on the future
  • August 2023 - Social gathering & Nominations for Future Leader
  • October 2023 - Invite to Changemakers Conference
  • November 2023 – Awards Night; who is the rising star of 2023?

How do you book your rising stars a place?

This is a complimentary course for rising stars from our members teams. Each member of The Marketing Society Hong Kong can send up to two of their team on this course. To secure places for your team, please complete this form or send their name, job title and a short reason why they are your rising star to [email protected] 

OTWHK 2022



Andrea De Vincentiis

Regional Head of B2B Marketing, Asia-Pacific

Natalie Truong

Chief Marketing Officer - Oceania at EY


HSBC Offices Hong Kong
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MODULE ONE: 22 Nov, 8.30am - 2pm

What is leadership? And how to be at your best
We’ll be sharing what all ambitious marketers need to know to be the changemakers of the future; we will be looking at the skills needed to be an effective leader, we’ll explore how to have impact, how to be at your best and explore some practical tools to enable you to be the best leader you can ne to ensure success in your own career and for your business, we will build a picture of what a true leader of the future looks like and provide practical insights and tips for you to use.

Preparing better briefs for greater success
A practical guide to writing better briefs – this session will cover how to ensure you are giving your agencies the right information so that they can come back with the best possible solutions. The session flow will cover the following areas: Why briefs matter. Ensuring strategic clarity in a brief. Communicating briefs to agencies.

Effective communication to have impact
In this session we will explore the skills needed to become a successful and effective presenter and communicator. Led by an expert in the field we will give you practical tips on how to land your messaging to achieve your desired results, from body language, presentation style and the words you use.

Practical Challenge – Effective Communication
Our delegates will be put in groups and set a challenge to work on which pulls in all the skills and insights they have learnt over the course of the morning. They will need to work on this with the group after the module is ready to present back at module 2.

Connections & Conversations
A vital part of leadership is having a network around you that allows you to share and learn from each, people who understand the challenges you are going through and can offer advice and insights - over lunch our rising stars have the chance to start to build their very own support network of like-minded individuals.

MODULE TWO: 30 Nov, 2pm - 6pm

Present back: Effective Communication Challenge
We will start the day by inviting each of our delegate groups to present back their challenges to the rest of the group and share feedback and thoughts with each other.

Building your high-performance team
Skills you need to be a great team leader and player, understanding how you build a super-team around you, what you need to do as a leader to empower your team and also how to have difficult conversations to enable growth and development.

How to build your personal brand
Discover practical insights to build your personal brand and is aimed at working professionals and business leaders looking to position themselves as thought leaders. You'll learn how to develop a strong social media presence, and how to create and distribute content that will help you establish relevance amongst key audiences. We'll be looking at Building your personal brand and how to have presence, having the confidence to be your own brand advocate, understanding the power of your personal brand. 

Understanding & measuring insights and how to present a business case
In this session we will get insights from CFOs about the best way to build a business case for your marketing strategies to get sign off from the c-suite, and ensure you have the buy in you need from the top. 

Practical Challenge: Marketing for Good
Applying all the knowledge, tips and insights that have been learnt the delegates will be put into four groups of 5 and set a challenge by our nominated charities to work on. This will be a real live project that the charity needs support on and proposals that met the charities requirements will be taken forward.

Connections & Conversations
Over drinks we will have time as a group to talk about what we have learnt and how we are going to apply the practical skills we have learnt in our day jobs, we'll also share with you the next steps on the journey as we continue to engage you in the Marketing Society over the coming 12 months,