Inspiring Minds: Good Shout with Amy Kean | Scotland

University of Strathclyde John Anderson Building, 27 March, 9:30am to 12:30pm

Inspiring Minds: Good Shout with Amy Kean, 27th March, Glasgow 


The Inspiring Minds series, sponsored by Edrington, aims to bring interesting and thought leading speakers and brands to our members. Speakers will bring insights and share tools, tips and practical ideas that can then be used within all businesses and organisations.

Based on the fantastic feedback we had last year, we are delighted to welcome back creative sociologist, advertising strategist, poet and bestselling author Amy Kean to deliver the first Inspiring Minds event of the year.

A couch to 5k for your voice that drastically enhances your communications style, whilst also focusing on what you say and how you can stick in people’s heads. Includes:  

  • Tone of voice and perspectives 
  • Body language and presenting style 
  • Storytelling and making an impact 
  • Clarity and memorability
  • Preparation techniques 
  • Panels, podcasts, live TV interviews

Amy is a creative sociologist, advertising strategist, poet and bestselling author who believes that life would be much better if we all gave ourselves permission to be stranger. She's worked in communications all over the world for the last 17 years as head of strategy/creativity/innovation. She was named one of LinkedIn's top global voices in media and marketing, and listed as one of Campaign's 10 trailblazers for her diversity work as co-founder of DICE, which stands for Diversity and Inclusion at Conferences and Events.

She’s Cultures Editor for creative magazine shots, author of the #1 bestselling feminist fairy tale The Little Girl Who Gave Zero F*cks, and her second book, House of Weeds, came out in May 2020 with Fly on the Wall Press.

Previous sessions have covered The Good Idea and The Good Word. They are aimed at First Role, Future Leaders and Leaders with up to 7 years experience and free to members.

A maximum of 4 per organisation.


Amy Charlotte Kean

Co-founder, creative director and lead facilitator, Good Shout Community