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Hong Kong Changemakers Unite Conference 2021

PWC Experience Centre, 18 November, 2pm to 8pm

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Join us on Thursday 18 November, 2pm–8pm and remember what exceptional marketing can achieve.

Right now, the economy needs great marketing leaders; to spearhead business resilience and recovery, to lead commercial success and consumer confidence, to help business do well. Marketers have an important role to play in transforming the nature of business and future proofing its success. Those with the passion, insights, creativity and courage to shape the future and drive impact and effectiveness are the changemakers of our industry.  

Our conferences will feature drivers of change, outstanding leaders and visionaries. Who will share their experience, insights and advice to empower and inspire marketers to be the changemakers in their organisations - we will hear from speakers who have Changed as leaders, Changed their organisations, Changed their brands and have Changed the Marketing landscape.

We believe great marketing leaders are vital to business success and growth, our conference will empower and equip attendees with tools and knowledge they can take back to the office and put into place the next day to help them have positive impact on their business.


Here is the line-up so far, with more pace-setters, risk-takers and changemakers announced regularly (so watch this space):

  • Karl Gregory, Head of Digital, HSBC
  • Ed Bell, GM Brand, Insight & Marketing Communications, Cathay Pacific
  • Walter Tsui, CoFounder & CEO, CareER

The Programme

The Skills You Need to Be a Changemaker of the Future

Trailblazers: Be the Change that Changes the World
In this session we’re going to look at how marketers have the power to proactively be the Changemakers and have a positive impact on Society. Every year through our Marketing for Good programe we team up marketers from our community with a good cause to do good. This year we have partnered with CareER, a peer support platform for higher educated persons with disabilities and SENs, and encourage them to contribute to the community and care for others.

Trendsetters: The Powerhouses of the Future
In this session we will hear from 3 under 40 changemakers who are defining the industry in Asia, they will share the challenges they have overcome in the last 18 months, what they learnt along the way and the top tips for future-proofing your business.

Drumbeaters: Showcasing the Merit of Marketing
Many marketers are still struggling to get a seat at the Leadership table or struggling to articulate their value to the business because they talk a lot about marketing rather than how marketing grows business & profit. In this session we will hear from CMO’s, who will  share their practical tips on how to change the narrative and work towards a future where more marketers sit within the C-Suite.

The Tools You Need to Effectively Market in a Changing World

Groundbreakers: An In-Depth Dive into the Digital Revolution
In this session we’ll explore how marketers can be the changemakers of the future by embracing new ways of marketing to customers and future proofing their business by learning how to communicate across multiple platforms. We’ll explore what works, what doesn’t, how to target the right audience, understanding the data and converting to tangible ROI with real examples.

Influencers: Influencer Marketing for Big Impact Returns
There is no denying that the consumer market has changed and influencer marketing, is a big area that marketers need to upskill on and embrace as part of their core marketing planning. In this session, we will gain practical insights from two people who have influencer marketing at their core.

Brands who are Evolving, Revitalising and Transforming for a New Era

Progress-drviers: Effectively Revolutionising a Heritage Brand
More than ever brands have to be agile and able to flex and change to societal and global demands which impact their business. In this session we will hear from a brand that is embracing an evolution strategy. They will share the journey they have been on and top tips for those who want to evolve and grow.

Revitalisers: Breathing New Life into Your Brand
Reinventing a brand is never an easy thing. In this session, we hear from a brand that identified a problem that needed fixing, the solutions they implemented, challenges faced along the way and importantly the results they achieved.

Key Details:

Date: Thursday 18 November

Time: 2pm-8pm

Format: Live (in person)

Location: PWC Experience Centre

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This is not only a day to learn and be inspired but a chance to take a day out of the office, away from the Zoom screen and spend time with your peers to be inspired and experience stories from outstanding leaders from all walks of life - the risk-takers, the trail-blazers, the visionaries who have made change happen.

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