Future Leaders x Debate Mate Masterclass

26 August, 1pm to 3pm

Debate Mate uniquely focuses on all aspects of communication, enabling participants to develop not simply their public speaking ability, but instead a whole suite of the skills crucial to modern professional life. These skills include the ability to structure ideas effectively, influence others, and remain calm and in control under pressure. We bring the skills of style, structure and strategy together in a session that helps participants explore, define, and hone their personal brand.

This masterclass will feature tactics and strategies that will build a communication toolkit, enabling participants to present and represent themselves effectively – in person, and especially online. As we transition into the new(er) normal, which may see individuals and teams work in a mixed virtual/live environment, we stress that the principles that underlie effective communication remain the same, and work through the application of those principles in a variety of settings.

The session consists of activities and exercises focused on persuading others of your point of view, thinking on your feet, and learning methods of structuring and delivering coherent and convincing arguments, exploring the process of taking ‘an idea’ and turning it into ‘a case’. They support participants in taking an instinctive reaction, or an initial thought, and building it into a robust and persuasive speech by taking large quantities of complex information and distilling it so that it is accessible and engaging. Furthermore, it focuses on the impact of ideas, so that individuals can make judgements and offer suggestions based on their understanding of the information.

This session is open to Future Leaders members only. Book here