Accelerate Learning Lab: Marketing for the Modern Data Economy

Virtual, 7 February, 9am to 11am

Accelerate Learning Lab: Marketing for the Modern Data Economy

Brands increasingly know that data is their most valuable asset. Yet how data is used in marketing is in flux with the privacy revolution and the need to gain consent. A new data economy is emerging powered by new CDPs (customer data platforms), clean rooms, and media environments. We show how Brands can set themselves up to maximize the use of owned data to drive business growth!

Jos Pamboris, Director of Technical Consulting at marketing growth consultancy CvE, will show how fragmentation, walled gardens and privacy-focussed initiatives have changed and are continually changing the marketing landscape for the modern digital marketer.

In this interactive session, you will understand the common trends and challenges surrounding the concept of identity, allowing you to prepare a roadmap which brings first-party data strategy to the core of your own marketing and media efforts going forward

What to expect - A 2 hour session Via zoom

This session will cover the following -

  1. Why reliance on third-party data for marketing effectiveness is no longer fit for purpose 
  2. Managing, controlling, and owning your own data with privacy-by-design at the core
  3. How to activate first-party data for marketing
  4. Articulating a roadmap for change

More about Jos Pamboris - Jos is Director of Technical Consulting at CvE. He helps organisations drive transformational change within marketing/advertising data & technology. Jos has over 20 years’ experience in digital marketing. He was Chief Product Officer at Flashtalking and led AdTech and MarTech rollouts for advertisers across Omnicom Media Group and Publicis Media. Jos has helped dozens of AdTech companies, agencies, and marketers in their understanding of identity to support measurement, targeting and optimisation of media.

Timings: 9am - 11am GMT

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