Accelerate Learning Lab: Growth Mindset

Adopting a Growth Mindset

Streaming live from London, 20 July, 9am to 12pm

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In this session, which is delivered via Zoom, we’ll discuss how PROBLEM DEFINITION can UNLOCK GROWTH in a rapidly changing and challenging world.

The training is particularly relevant for leaders who are concerned that their teams are jumping to solutions rather than defining problems. We will be emphasising the role of leadership to drive a growth mindset across their organisations and equip them with practical tools to explore problem spaces more effectively. The session is fast-paced and highly interactive, via a combination of breakouts and polls.

(3 hours) I 20th July, 9am - 12pm GMT

(12pm UAE, 4pm HKT/SGT)

The training session is being led by BeenThereDoneThat who have developed a problem definition approach, called SOLVE.  BeenThereDoneThat have run over 300 problem definition sessions with their clients from around the world. They always start with the problem because they believe that “a problem well defined is half solved”.

In their experience many teams jump into solutions before they really understand what the problem is.  To prevent this the session covers three critical areas:

Adopting a Growth Mindset:
How to embrace an open mindset to provide the basis for investigation.

Asking Powerful Questions:
Asking questions that can help unlock new understanding and open up problem spaces. 

Effective Problem Definition:
Defining and reframing a problem space to unlock new solutions.

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Nikki Crumpton

CSO, BeenThereDoneThat

Colin Haddley

Capability Lead, BeenThereDoneThat


Streaming live from London