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Accelerate Learning Lab: Beentheredonethat

Join us for a Marketing Society x Beentheredonethat Workshop

Virtual, 12 January, 2pm to 4pm

Marketing Society x Beentheredonethat Workshop: Problem Solving

We believe that what will define success or failure in next decade will be businesses’ ability to define problems they 
are facing, which to focus on and how to turn them into opportunities.

Too often people jump to answers before they have even understood what the question is. We’ll show you how to better understand the problem and its implications for your business, your category and the world.

During the session we’ll present you with real-life examples to help you understand how to rethink and 
reframe problems to find more creative solutions.
More importantly, we’ll provide you with tried and tested frameworks that help you apply what you’ve learned in 
the session as effectively as possible.

What to expect - A 2 hour session Via zoom

This session will cover the following:

  • Identify and analyze different problems to get the ideal solution
  • Step back to view problems from a broader consumer perspective
  • Overcome a restrictive company mindset by being confident to 
    challenge the way things are done
  • Reframe problems to unlock new solution sets

Timings: 2pm - 4pm GMT

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