Under The Spotlight with Pete Markey

A number of Business Leader members had the opportunity to join Pete and broadcaster Clare English for an intimate and insightful, Under the Spotlight session at the Balmoral Hotel last week. 

Pete is Chief Marketing Officer at TSB, but started his career on the Customer Care team at British Gas.  Wherever he has worked, he has always made it his business to have a fascination with the business and sought ways to get involved, volunteer and truly try to connect with people, customers and colleagues at every opportunity. 

He spoke candidly about his challenges at both Aviva and most recently the technical crisis at TSB and what really stood out was his real passion for the brand and a tangible desire to fight for that.  Pete and his team set up a customer war-room, answered phones, wrote letters and responded to social media, 24/7 throughout the issues.  Post crisis they instigated the Fraud Refund Guarantee and supported the Pride of Britain Awards to help position the brand back as a brand and bank that cares.   A big part of this relied on working well with teams across the business – taking down the walls of the marketing department as he put it. 

He also stressed how important it is to work with experts and brilliant creative minds.  Pete is on a mission to prove that marketing is an investment, not a cost and to prove the value of what we do. 

When asked what makes a great marketing Leader, Pete suggested three key attributes that have helped him: 

  • Creativity and Art – take an interest in creative and artistic endeavours out with your sector.  Pete started learning Improv as a way of challenging himself and trying something new 
  • Science – know the numbers and the value of the work for your business 
  • Politics – know how to connect and relate to everyone across the business and beyond 

A marketing leader, that wasn’t scared to talk about failures and one that was truly inspiring and entertaining to listen to – thanks Pete! 

Written by Elise MacDonald, Joint MD, Lux Events




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