Reinvigoration and record-breaking

An evening at our Brave Awards showcase

It was my first time attending an event organised by The Marketing Society and I found the location and all those in attendance to be open and welcoming. I arrived with two colleagues from of our global marketing team at just before 4pm and we were informally greeted and quickly identified as “newbies” we were quickly put at ease in our new surroundings by staff from the The Marketing Society who got us drinks and explained how the rest of the evening would go.

The variety of speakers and topics were a great asset to the event and allowed for each speaker slot to hold the full attention of the audience as there were few topics of crossover between presentations, which ensured no repetition or comparison for each case study.

The run time of the event was well managed and went at a lively pace, but with enough breathing room for all in attendance to not be focused on the time and to focus comfortably to each speaker's presentation.

I left with a reinvigorated purpose as to how record-breaking could be better utilised as part of marketing campaigns and I have already shared my tips with colleagues, putting a direct plan of action in place.

The event was a great opportunity to both reconnect with colleagues who I don't get to work with on a regular basis, as well as meet and network with an interesting array of people in an informal, low impact setting.