Livity x Cannes Lions 2019

The future is bright

For anyone that’s been out to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, they will know it’s full of contradictions. There is a race to be the loudest, the richest and the most awarded there. There are the famed lavish parties and the constant hum of helicopters overhead. 

But, above all of the things that we already know, Cannes Lions and many of us taking part are working to do and be better.

Fast forward 18 years from our launch, Livity has been leading brands into a more purposeful way to be, as well as measuring the impact that we as a business have on society.

At Cannes this year we saw this shift represented as we heard the voices of those who are actively driving change, women like Alex Mahon at the top, challenging the industry to be more diverse, more inclusive. 

We saw direct action at Cannes, like the Educators Summit that we had the honour to be part of, shaping the global talent of tomorrow. And there are more brands showing how they are making financial commitments to change the world, not just their bottom line. This can only lead to more work that goes beyond brand purpose and actually, really, genuinely changes society for the better. 

And it’s our job - the independents, the challengers and the misfits - to make that happen. We will embrace the biggest challengers to the status quo with open arms so that we can actually be proud of the impact our industry has on this earth. We’re the ones that will make that change, challenge what has come before and make way for unheard voices to be heard.  

When you see the next generation of creative minds, entrepreneurs and innovators coming through ready to fuck shit up, it’s easy to feel that the future is bright.


By Alex Goat, CEO at Livity