Insights from our Community Collabor-eight

Empathy and Productivity

For the second instalment of our Community Collabor-eight series, we bought together members from our hubs in Singapore, Hong-Kong and Dubai to debate and discuss the connection between empathy and productivity.

We were joined by best-selling author and empathetic leader Mimi Nicklin to delve further into the importance of mental well-being and how this can have a direct effect on our organisations and performance. 

The event was held under our Chatham House Rules but here are a few of our favourite insights:

1. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. As humans, our desire in life is to be seen and to be heard.

2. Research has shown that whilst 91% of CEO’S believe their company is empathetic, only 68% of employees feel the same. We need to bridge the gap between employees and their leaders. 

3. The subject of empathy can feel theoretical, there is often conversation around the topic, but we need to understand how to practically apply it and put into place tangible actions.

4. Organisations with higher levels of empathy see an increase in many performance indicators, such as innovation and creativity.

5. The more empathy there is, the more energised your workforce will be. 78% of employees state that empathy leads to greater motivation.


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