Everyone can be a Changemaker

10 insights into our Hong Kong Conference 2021

To implement change requires courage, tenacity and grit.

Changemakers, unite. That was the theme of this year's Marketing Society Hong Kong Conference, as we came together to learn, discover, and grow together. It was a day of brand stories, of 'light-hearted' sparring and getting down to what matters most in marketing.

But don't just take our word for it. We asked a few of our attendees to share their highlights, starting with an introduction from Hong Kong Board Member and speaker, Karl Gregory:

Karl Gregory, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, HSBC

I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Marketing Society 2021 Changemakers Conference. We were treated with in-depth, cross-sectional marketing insights across a range of topics, such as Cathay’s evolution of a 75-year brand, plus, practical insights on ‘how-to’ measure brand contribution versus short-term revenue. There were many lively discussions across panels, senior marketers and CEOs across a range of companies including HSBC, Google, Neon Leaders, PWC, DFI Retail Group and Mercer.

It would be amiss not to highlight HSBC’s approach to attracting millennials, harnessing digital & marketing organization to drive growth. The ‘marketing for good segment’ was truly inspiring with the CEO of CareER (a peer support platform for people with disabilities).

The event closed off with a candid and personable interview with the co-founder of the BlackSheep restaurants, serving up a behind-the-scenes insight into a relentless focus on hospitality and customer experience.

Peter Larko, Mercedes-Benz

Anyone can be a changemaker, regardless of ability. It is important that we give everyone an opportunity. We need to stop just sympathizing and do something, and we need to stop one time efforts and instead move to continuous support.

Jennifer Woollford, NEON Leaders

Follow what you believe is the right thing to do, challenge the status quo, over-invest in your teams and culture, and don’t be afraid to ruffle some feathers along the way. We are all a work in progress; changemakers haven’t reached the top of the mountain, they are the ones starting to climb however steep it may be. So everyone can be a changemaker, pick your mountain and take those first steps! 

Will Spence, HH Global

Don't mistake activity for achievement - everyone's teams are busy, but it's up to the leaders and changemakers to ensure all this energy is directed towards progress and achievable goals rather than maintaining the status quo. 

Ross Chan, E&Y

To implement change requires courage, tenacity and grit. Agile thinking and approach are everything when it comes to change. 

Andrew Wong, DFI Retail Group

Driving a culture of creativity within the team allows for surprising results and letting the team tell you that your ideas are not always great enabled them to make them even better. 








Syed Asim Hussain, Black Sheep Restaurants

Passion for authentic stories matters the most, we want to work with passionate storytellers who can spread the message. Black Sheep Restaurants focus on heavy research to provide detailed, unique stories with over 72 touchpoints in each restaurant's playbook which allows each team member to embody the story.

Beatrice Remy, LORE

Everything is possible with creativity - local brands can stand out and have honest dialogue.

Teresa Petrou, Fitch Design

The key characteristics of changemakers are grit and determination in the face of adversity, strong belief in your intuition or knowing what’s right but it can also be letting yourself be vulnerable and going for it knowing you might fail. 

Liz Hodson, HH Asia Pacific

The importance of authenticity in a brand in order to maintain trust and loyalty. Don’t just say it - actually live and breathe it.

Nellie Chan, Google

Go and make mistakes. Keep pivoting till you find the right track! Asking the hard questions, not always agreeing or saying 'yes, and' enabling that mindset across your organization. It's important people feel empowered to win that responsibility to be a changemaker! 




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