Digital Day 2021: Top Takeaways

Last week saw a fantastic line-up of speakers at our annual Digital Day. Over the course of 2 days we covered a wide range of topics including digital business transformation, influencer marketing, moving brand safety to brand suitability, demystifying digital advertising and the death of the cookie.  All talks are available to view on the event website for ticketholders.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our speaker takeaways:

Interrogate and ALWAYS ask questions.  Put value for your customers above volume.
Dr Mike Welch OBE, Founder and Chairman, Atterley and Tirescanner.com

Successful Social Responsibility takes: Authenticity, Sustainability and Tangibility.
Will Stone, Head of CSR Strategy, UK, NFL

Bigger isn’t always better! Consider Nano-influencers who really match your brand. Think carefully about Paid vrs Gifting.
Charlotte Williams, SevenSix Agency

Be Useful, Be Values Driven, Be Culturally Relevant, Be Relatable.
Louise Alexandra Troen, forthcoming VP Marketing at Headspace

Be Curious, Un-Learn and then Re-Learn.
Nigel Vaz, CEO, Publicis Sapient

Ensure Brand Presence, Behavioural Science Principles and Close the gap between trigger and purchase.
Gerald Breatnach, Head of Strategic Insights UK, Google

AR doesn’t have to cost the earth!
Pat Johnson, Founder & CEO, Rock Paper Reality

Responsibility.  Ethics not regulation.  We can do more together - engage through trade bodies and groups.
Damon Reeve, CEO of The Ozone Project

Think about how you can use your first-party data to inform your marketing strategy. Consider data clean rooms to share & analyse your data in a privacy-first environment. Have your say in industry working groups such as the IAB.
Freddie Turner, Managing Director - UK and Tom Hatton, Managing Director - Manchester at MiQ

As we outsource more decisions to machines, we understand less and less how decisions are made.  The dramatic growth in the volume of data generated about individual users will result in entire new industries based on managing and curating that data.  In all walks of life 'authenticity' will be THE new currency.
Jamie Bartlett, Author, The Dark Net.​​​

If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend, but would be interested in viewing the talks, post-event tickets are available at £45 each, which gives you full access to all the sessions online. Please email us for more details.

With thanks to joint headline sponsors Republic of Media and The Ozone Project, online learning partner VisitScotland and communications partner SPEY.


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