Brave Together Roundtable: Pizza Hut

Our key takeaways

Our Brave Together Roundtables are a brand new series of events that condense the insights and inspiration of our annual conferences into hour-long sessions. Offering a chance for senior marketers to come together in conversation with like-minded leaders. 

At our first Roundtable, we were joined by Vipul Chawla, President of Pizza Hut International, which is a leading global restaurant brand with more than 50,000 restaurants. 

Vipul, who has 28 years of experience leading at Fortune 500 companies throughout the world, shared with us his untold leadership stories in an authentic way that left everyone feeling inspired. Here are just some of our key takeaways from Vipul’s story:

  • From his childhood, Vipul learnt the values of simplicity and honesty, his main purpose is family and he believes that nothing is more important
  • Throughout his career, Vipul has travelled the world, meeting several businesses. One main thing that travelling revealed to him was that working across cultures is an art. You need to have an open mind and an innate curiosity to do it successfully
  • As a leader, ask yourself, “Am I giving space and time for others to share their ideas?” before falling in love with your own
  • Lead with courage and show up with authenticity and passion
  • “Do one thing every day that scares you” - for Vipul this has often meant taking the job that nobody else wants
  • People and culture first look after your people and then they will look after the customer. At Pizza Hut International, they have a strong collective culture that includes daily check-ins and huddles

Finally, Vipul shared with us all his three golden life rules:

  1. Am I coming to work with a spring in my step? 
  2. In doing what I am doing, am I learning something new every day?
  3. Does it work for my family?


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