Award-winning stories with Tesco and Nationwide

By Pete Johnson

Nomad Foods (Birds Eye) are pleased to get the opportunity to hear case studies from other brands and the talks from Michelle McEttrick, Group Brand Director at Tesco, Paul Hibbs, Director of Advertising and Media at Nationwide and Rachel D'Cunha, Business Director at Wavemaker UK have given us the impetus to think how we can be more reactive in the outside world.  

Tesco won Most Inspirational Story, with the launch of their junior nappies, which changed people's lives and creating awareness for a little known problem, which resulted in widespread support. Michelle‘s talk gave an honest appraisal of Tesco’s drive to behave differently to improve it’s position in the minds of all UK shoppers, moving from one-way advertising to initiatives like ‘Junior Nappies’ that begin and end with a single consumer hero story.  

Nationwide took home the Grand Prix award for their work with Channel 4 on the hard-hitting #TogetherAgainstHate campaign, which highlighted the horrific truth of online abuse. The Nationwide team showed us all how brands can take responsibility for society change when live PR topics and mission statements overlap.

The #togetheragainsthate and Tesco initiatives showed how to use social media and communities for good, whilst knowing you are building the brand for the future without preaching. They also showed that the decision to take a risk in the face of ROI challenges from the boardroom needs BRAVERY from individuals. Perhaps we are entering a period of time where trail-blazing diversity or minority group marketing success stories have given every brand “the oxygen” to start some fires of their own.

Pete Johnson, Communications and Marketing Director of Nomad Foods

For the second year, our Brave Awards will reward the campaigns that demonstrate marketing excellence and bravery in their approach. Entries for 2020 are open. Find out more: braveawards.marketingsociety.com