10 ways to optimize your profile, with LinkedIn

In this webinar session streamed live from New York - hosted by Siegel+Gale's Margaret Molloy - we heard from LinkedIn's community editor, Victoria Taylor - she shared tips on how to maximise your profile.

Here's a few things we picked up:

  1. Profile: ensure you have a compelling cover image - dont use a stock photo. Use this space to bring you to life as a person
  2. Profile: switch from connect to follow - use connect for people you have a relationship with, but follow to broaden your network
  3. About: explain what you’re passionate about and the campaigns you’ve worked on - tell a story, let people get to know you
  4. Profile: with your headline, use this area to tell a short story - perhaps saying your direct role but also as a place to summarise yourself in an engaging way
  5. Featured: be visual, use this area to showcase things you are proud of. What are you seeing in your unique role that others might not see?
  6. Profile: what books are you reading? Are there videos or podcasts you’re into that can add to your profile?
  7. Timeline: ensure you're a consistent and regular poster – get involved in the community. Always think, how am I adding value to my followers’ timelines?
  8. Community: follow hashtags that are relevant to your industry, then you’ll be notified of what’s trending
  9. Community: if you cannot share the direct work you do, try and share on-brand content or weigh in on other’s posts - find ways to get yourself involved in conversations and have an opinion
  10. Timeline: ensure your content is both approachable and bitesize - make it easy for people to interact with you

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You can also listen to this session as a podcast via soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.



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