David McQueen

Entrepreneur, professional speaker and executive coach

Over the course of my career I have seen how good communication from leaders across business, education and the community can have a massive impact on people.

As an international speaker I have spoken on nearly every continent. A raconteur, humorist and huge lover of research and data I deliver my content to clients with a unique style that is remembered long after the events. Not afraid to tackle the tough subjects, but also adept enough to manage sensitive subjects in a professional manner.

My desire is not only to demonstrate what good speaking and presentation look like, but to help you to become a better speaker and presenter, whether in leadership, sales, pitching for investment, customer service or convincing your staff to stay motivated and driven.

I started my career in accounts, both financial and management. I then moved on from there into IT at first developing advanced excel spreadsheets and databases and then as a project manager implementing financial systems for organisations in property, media and universities. Across both of those first careers I realised I spent a lot of time explaining complex concepts and terms to those who were non technical or non financial. I then realised I could make a career out of speaking and facilitating. Which is what I have been doing for the last twelve or so years.

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