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Three Tips for Building Online Communities

When setting up an online community, there are dozens of hurdles and common pitfalls. How do you find your niche? How do you build trust with members? And how do you invest in the future of your community? Matthew Nixon shares the key takeaways from Brighton Music Conference.

It's time to change the change

As ‘rare as unicorn tears’, was how Jane Evans described the devastatingly low number of women over 50 in our industry. It begs the question of why everyone is working so hard to bring young women into the industry, and then spectacularly failing them every step of the way.

Best of 2021: Sport, Sustainability, D&I and Purpose

As 2021 draws to a close, we reflect on the topics that have resonated with our writers and audience alike the most this year. Topics include Diversity and Inclusion, Purpose , Sustainability, Sport and the Relationship between consumers and brands.

The three C's of addressing Marketing's marketing problem

I had the pleasure of hosting our regular CMO Community virtual roundtable discussion on a topic that’s close to every CMO’s heart – how, as a profession, we can address marketing’s marketing problem! This is a fascinating subject, and we had a very stimulating discussion.


Meet our member, David Collyer

This week we spoke to David Collyer, Chief Growth Officer at 1HQ to find out more about his career and how marketers can be changemakers.