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Watching TV with the 85%

Most of the UK lives outside London, but most of adland is in London. This can skew understanding of normal life, says Cravens’ Mark Hadfield.

Making a connection

The intense competition for the attention of younger viewers is seeing broadcasters develop new strategies to connect with this hardest to reach of audiences.

Bring on the technicolour!

It’s 2022 and hell it’s time to bring on the Technicolour. And all bets are on creativity to help take us all to a happier, sunnier, more colourful place. 

Rethinking Programmatic

Looking back over the dramatic transformation that programmatic advertising has brought to the wider advertising community, here's what we could have done differently.

Ditch the Script

Sadly, even today, when you brief a lot of agencies, what you get back is a 30-second script. Not an idea. A script which is, in time, forcefully re-shaped, re-sized, blown up or cut down to fit whatever hole the media plan requires.