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The awkward truths revealed by covid

Covid has accelerated the trends and pressures we have been seeing for years on the traditional agency model and shone a bright light on perceived wisdom.

A Covid U-Turn

When London Sock Co, the stylish sock label, had their latest campaign plans scuppered by the second wave, they had some big and difficult decisions to make.

Simplifying the newly complex

Customer experience has been high on the agenda for some time. Businesses have scrambled to introduce a new piece of tech or demonstrate their transformation programme to tackle today’s complexity.


Matthias Schranner

Negotiation expert Matthias Schranner was originally trained by the police and the FBI as a lead negotiator for high-stakes...

Brave Together Roundtable: Pizza Hut

At our first Roundtable, we were joined by Vipul Chawla, President of Pizza Hut International, which is a leading global restaurant brand with more than 50,000 restaurants.


Rob Lilwall, Adventurer, author & motivational speaker 

Rob Lilwall is a person who, through taking an adventurous attitude to...