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Driving Digital: Smart's E-Commerce Revolution

How AI and Data Transformed Car Buying

In an era where digital innovation is reshaping industries, smart, the forward-thinking car brand, has accelerated past traditional auto sales models with a groundbreaking direct-to-consumer approach. Partnering with Accenture, smart has not just reimagined car buying—they've revolutionised it, creating a seamless blend of online and offline experiences that mirrors the modern consumer's purchasing journey.

This visionary project, completed in just 2.5 years, showcases the power of digital transformation in the automotive industry:

  • A fully integrated end-to-end digital customer experience platform
  • Advanced data capabilities driving growth and innovation
  • Customised technology solutions leveraging Adobe, SAP, and Salesforce
  • A serverless, cloud-native front end for enhanced flexibility
  • Unified data capture for improved insights and personalisation

The platform's success was immediate and dramatic—an entire line of cars sold out within 24 hours of launch in Germany. This case study demonstrates how smart's bold move to disrupt traditional auto sales has set a new standard for direct-to-consumer experiences in the automotive sector.

smart's journey from concept to market leader offers valuable lessons for businesses across industries, highlighting the transformative power of customer-centric digital platforms and data-driven strategies. By putting the consumer experience at the forefront and leveraging cutting-edge technology, smart has not just sold cars—they've redefined what it means to buy one in the digital age.

View the full case study here.

Accenture Song are proud partners of the Effective Use of Insight and Data category at The Marketing Society Awards 2024




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