Best of 2021: Sport, Sustainability, D&I and Purpose

As 2021 draws to a close, we reflect on the topics that have resonated with our writers and audience alike the most this year.

Diversity and Inclusion

'What does D&I in 2021 look like for adland?'

As we celebrate some of the progress we made in 2020, VCCP’s D&I Collective want to look forward and highlight some areas of D&I we think it’s time to shine a light on in 2021.

'I love being a woman, but...'

Wunderman Thompson's Creative Director Jo Wallace shares her thoughts on International Women’s Day and why brands should support women all year round.

'Allyship and action' 

Zara Bryson discusses the need to address the imbalances in our society and industry, and how the need for allyship and action is more urgent than ever.

Purpose and Sustainability

'Treat sustainability like your life depends on it' 

'Whether brands know it or not, sustainability is going to be much higher on their agenda in 2021. For the simple reason that following the disasters of 2020, it has now become a business imperative', writes Robin Gadsby, CEO of Beta Good.

'Why marketers need to rethink brand purpose'

Co-founder of Revolt, Alex Lewis explores the debates around brand purpose as a valid marketing strategy and whether it really delivers results. 

'The future of the high street isn't online - it's circular'

Melanie Welsh, Founding Partner at Strat House on applying a circular economy and the benefits to both the environment and brands. 

The relationship between consumers and brands

'Covid, radical uncertainty and its consequences' 

"Things we had taken for granted suddenly stop working. McDonald’s can’t serve milkshakes, KFC has run out of chicken and some supermarket shelves are empty." Julian Saunders on shifting consumer culture and our expectations of brands.


'How brands are enabling a new wave of athlete activism'

We’re living in an age where sporting superstars have enough power to challenge organisations and reverse government decisions. Chief Strategy Officer at Dark Horses, Matt Readman on how this wouldn’t be possible without the brands that back them.

'England's most marketable generation destined for glory'

CSM Sport & Entertainment's Will Jenkins on England's new generation of football stars, and how they'll remain amongst the most marketable sports stars for the image they present, both on and off the field

'Tokyo 2020 has been the queerest games ever' 

Cultural Strategist at On the One, Elles Pinfold, reflects on the queer representation at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics and how far there still is to go in LGBTQ+ inclusion and acceptance in sport and beyond.

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