Accelerate: Accelerated growth starts here

By marketers, for marketers, with marketers — The Marketing Society's accelerated learning programme. Grow your career, your brands, your people

Accelerate — what sets it apart?

Our accelerated learning programme is dedicated to empowering marketers' development to grow their career, their brands and their people.

Delivered and created by marketers for marketers, our unique position at the heart of the marketing industry means we know what makes the difference.

Interactive, engaging content to coach deeper thinking on how to pivot, adapt and fast track growth-driving strategies, all while helping to accelerate your career.

And in true Marketing Society style, we promise you’ll expand your global network of like-minded connections.

Accelerate — who is it for?

Our programme offers accelerated learning for all marketers from CMOs to rising stars.

We have targeted programmes for:
Individuals - who want to accelerate their careers
Teams - who want to go further faster together

Accelerate — what do we offer?

Use the links below to jump to specific parts of the programme to find out more and register interest in attending.

Learning Labs

Half-day workshops for members to accelerate learning through knowledge and tools from industry experts.

Finance for marketers (completed)
Behavioural science (completed)
Managing Stress (completed)
Growth Mindset (completed)
Building your personal brand on LinkedIn (completed)
Catalyst, Chemistry, Connection (completed)
January Learning Lab with Drew Povey (Friday 14 January 2022)
February Learning Lab with Visual Identity (Tuesday 1 February 2022)
Be the Marketing Leader you want to be (Wednesday 30 March 2022)
Managing your Agencies (Tuesday 05 April 2022)

100 Days To MORE Influence - Marketing Leaders' Masterclass

Fast flexible e-learning programme over three months, accelerating your influence and impact as a marketing leader

Marketing Leaders' Programme

The society's flagship leadership development for those poised to take on significant senior leadership roles, challenges, or responsibilities.

Ones To Watch

One-day workshops for rising stars, offering a personal leadership development journey and a ready-made network of like-minded peers.

Insiders' Programme and BeingBold Workshops

Bespoke learning, including the Insiders' Programme bringing our network of experts inside your organisation and BeingBold Workshops to change behaviours or work on a live brief.

What people say about Accelerate:

"I see lots of marketers who have great ideas, but they haven’t honed their leadership skills fully to influence people to support these ideas across the company.  The Marketing Society’s accelerated learning programmes, delivered and created by marketers for marketers, provides the critical insights, toolkits and inspiration to empower leaders to drive incremental growth for their companies and brands. Great leadership development programs can make a real difference to career success." Syl Saller, former Global CMO, Diageo

What's in it for your organisation?

World-class marketing capability training that accelerates the growth of brands critical to building top-line growth.

Empowering individuals and teams to ensure the marketing organisation is fit for the now-normal and future.

Sharing the skills, tool kits and seasoned industry wisdom to enable teams to seize change as an opportunity, not a threat.

What's in it for you?

We know that the best thinking doesn't happen by accident. The big ideas on how to pivot, adapt and fast track new growth-driving strategies happen when you're coached by seasoned experts in a safe space with like-minded peers.

Accelerate is here for you to supercharge your career, grow your brands, motivate your team and find your people.

Together we'll make a difference.