Accelerate: for individuals - Behavioural Science Masterclass

Understanding why consumers make decisions

Knowing how customers are likely to behave is vital for marketing success. To influence their decisions, you need to understand what drives them, and as the voice of the customer in your organisation, you need to really know how they think.

In this workshop we'll explore the psychological shortcuts that influence consumer decision-making. You’ll come away with a new understanding of how to apply the theory to any area of marketing, from creative to media, from pricing to strategy – giving you the deeper insights for a competitive edge.

Part 1 – Behavioural science and its relevance to marketing
Using a simple framework can help you apply behavioural science to your work for best outcomes. We will explore how to use academic insights to create effective marketing campaigns.

Part 2 – The key principles of behavioural science
Looking at how decision making is social by nature, how best to attract attention and boost memorability in a cluttered market, covering ideas such as the value of distinctiveness, ensuring your messages stand out and what you can do to better understand your customers. We’ll pay particular attention to making prices appear as attractive as possible in these tough economic times. We will then put the theory to the test with a live brief.

Part 3 – The counter-intuitive ways of applying behavioural science findings
We’ll discuss ideas like choice paralysis and the foot-in-the-door technique, how the impact of the same message can vary according to when and where it is seen particularly relevant to the Covid era plus, we’ll cover techniques like the fresh start effect and the peak-end rule.  Once again, we will finish by putting the theory into practice with a live brief and close with a guide to behavioural science resources.

Delivered by Richard Shotton, founder of Astroten

Richard is the author of The Choice Factory, a best-selling book on how to apply behavioural science to advertising. The Choice Factory was voted best sales and marketing book at the Business Book Awards in 2019.

Richard started his career in marketing 20 years ago, working with brands including Coke, Lexus and comparethemarket. In 2019, he founded Astroten, a company that helps brands use behavioural science to solve marketing challenges.

GBP£349 +VAT per person
Scheduled for 20 April 2021 Register your interest