Zara Bryson

Strategy & Innovation Director, Starcom and PG One

Zara is a Strategy and Innovation Director at Starcom’s dedicated client team for P&G (PG One), part of Publicis Media. She is also host of the Who’s Next podcast and Head of Purpose & Impact at Bloom UK. Zara is an experienced strategist, with a passion for fostering cultures of curiosity, diversity and innovation within teams and clients alike. She has worked across a number of well-known clients such as P&G, Boots, Samsung and Lidl. She has a reputation for driving positive industry change and achieving brilliant results and has been recognised for her leadership skills with the WACL Future Leaders Award and the Kindness & Leadership 50 Leading Lights. In her spare time, Zara can be found interviewing amazing women or at home editing her podcast Who's Next which is about celebrating collaboration over competition, lifting people up and sharing their stories for others to learn from.

The last week has made the need for allyship and action feel more urgent than ever. We’ve seen horrendous news