thenetworkone's (not) Cannes review 2020 with Julian Boulding

Each year, after the Cannes Lions festival, we take a week or two to revisit what we learned, and draw together the trends and themes we have seen in the marketing and agency world. 

This year, there was no Cannes Lions. 

So instead, we have put together a comprehensive “state of the industry analysis” of the new agency ecosystem, as we see it today. We will look at what might have won awards at Cannes but also, in more depth, what’s happening within the key sectors: 

  • The giant adtech platforms – Google, Facebook and Amazon
  • The network agency holding companies
  • The growing in-house agency movement 
  • The Consulting Firms, like Accenture and Deloitte
  • The Independent Agencies

As ever, some content may be controversial; but we always aim to be well-informed and full of surprising insights. No fake news here.

Finally, because this year is different (!), our review is different also. Instead of a long essay, we present it in webinar format. 

We hope you enjoy it.