Insights From Your Industry highlights, with Deliveroo, N Brown, Airbnb and Gousto

In a conversation moderated by Society Chairman Craig Inglis (formerly Customer Director at John Lewis), we heard from: Ines Ures, Chief Marketing Officer, Deliveroo; Kenyatte Nelson, Chief Brand Officer, N Brown; Tom Wallis, Chief Marketing Officer, Gousto and Alex Dimiziani, Former Global Marketing Director, Airbnb.


The insight from these speakers is part of their contribution to new marketing book, 'Excerpts from Experts - Marketing' is a compendium of insight, advice and anecdotes from more than 200 of the leading names in marketing. These wonderful people have generously contributed their time and wisdom to raise money in aid of NHS Charities Together.

Whether you're an aspiring graduate, experienced professional, marketing guru, or just vaguely interested in the magical world of brands and marketing, this book is a must read. Excerpts from Experts: Marketing Paperback edition by Fortune Hill Media.

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