Global Upskilling

A Global Conversation: Upskilling

How are you upskilling yourself and your team to fulfil the needs of a rapidly changing economy? In this month’s global conversation, we heard from three speakers from APAC, MENA and Europe. We explored how you should upskill yourself, what new skills you should be teaching your employees and the future of your brand. In these unique times we need to ensure that our teams are innovating at speed and able to keep up with the rapid and ever-changing customer needs. Training programs, internal or external, are essential in minimizing skill gaps and to help teams develop new abilities. Speakers

Our speakers discussed what the key skills are that will help teams be top of their game in the current times, how leaders should be upskilling themselves in order to teach their employees and get the audience thinking about what the future is for their personal brand? Our speakers:

Wendy McEwan, Head of Marketing & Digital, APAC, Knight Frank (representing APAC)
Mark Evans, Managing Director, Marketing & Digital, Direct Line (representing UK)
Sherine Moneim, Marketing Director Beauty & Personal Care, Unilever (representing MENA)