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  I look at #metoo, I look at #TimesUp, and I think wow, we haven’t come very far.   There’s been a lot of books, there’s been a lot of success stories, but the power and gender imbalance underpinning society has an awfully long way to go. But at least that’s clear now. Brands and marketers have committed some serious atrocities against women (and men for that matter).   If we look at the recent past alone; Audi China’s infamous mother-in-law tripe, which compared women to used cars.   In addition, who could forget Belvedere’s ghastly ‘unlike some people, Belvedere always goes down smoothly’ from 2012. Simply rank.

How to be a better client

White space is your friend   No, you can't watch us work   Be open to things you didn't imagine   Be confident, not arrogant   Nothing takes a second   Don't be rude   Tell me the problem, not the solution   Decide who will decide   Have clarity of purpose This article originally appeared on   

What makes us human?

Meet Matthew. He’s smiling and welcoming on the customer service chat screen. I needed to make a product enquiry on a financial services product before planning to sign up, but dreaded the thought of being on hold or lost in IVR roundabouts for most of my lunch break. So I went with the chat option.   I was also quite thrilled that this particular company even let me choose my customer service chat consultant from a range of a half a dozen or so available profiles and pictures. [Ah… very clever I thought - like choosing a Gaming Avatar! I’m engaged in this experience already! Nice touch!] Matthew seemed cool. He was friendly, fast, helpful. When he needed to take some time to check the details on something, he let me know he was looking into it and would be back on the chat in under 5 minutes. I was happy to wait. Could multi-task arranging a tuner for my daughter’s piano in parallel to sorting out some meetings at work. Matthew was knowledgeable. He got the facts right. The experience was smooth. And friendly enough. I was happy.

China’s Social Currency

The simple TL:DR answer to this question is that personal data is important because it matters to your customers. However, normal people’s concerns about how their data are used online isn’t really being talked about. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve heard a lot about how governments care about personal data and about how advertisers/marketers need to worry about it – but very little about what the consumer actually cares about. This is odd considering it’s their data that’s being exploited after all but unsurprising considering the ever-growing disconnect between those who work in tech and marketing and those who don’t. Whilst governments grow increasingly concerned about digital espionage and interference from foreign saboteurs; and advertisers holler about viewability metrics, digital disruption and how they are getting screwed financially due to a lack of transparency; there is very little mentioned about what consumers want and I’d wager that none of the above concerns feature very highly.

Digital tension trends

I was fortunate to attend a presentation by Mark Curtis, chief client officer, who shared the 2018 Fjord Trends which are an insight into what’s ahead in technology, business and design. Compiled through interaction with both their geographically diverse staff and clients, Fjord annually releases these trends to provide direction and inspiration across the globe. Hosted by The Marketing Society at the Accenture Interactive offices in Singapore, it was wonderful to hear insights from a globally aware thought leader, sharing trends and examples of brand bravery from the all over the world including the US, China, Australia and Europe! The meta-theme Mark shared is “tension”; where we as consumers and business leaders struggle to keep up with the pace of change and be comfortable with convenience at the expense of a potential future lack of choice.  

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