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Dot By Dot

Red bindis are worn by married women in India, yet 24 million of them are child brides. Child marriage leads to more domestic violence, sexual abuse, infant mortality, illiteracy and poverty. After India ignored a UN resolution to end this social evil No Child Brides started the Dot By Dot campaign to raise awareness of this issue, by creating a picture of a child bride made out of 39,000 white bindis - the number of child marriages that take place in India each day.   Women from restaurant staff to celebrities and fashion models wore a white bindi, which became a powerful political statement and pictures spread like wildfire via traditional channels and social media. With a very limited budget 22 million impressions were created and 10,468 pictures were shared.  Watch more Pioneering Spirit videos in our Cinema.

Paper Boat

Building distinctiveness around a big brand idea to drive penetration is an important theme on the brandgym blog, and in our Grow the Core book. Most brands cultivate distinctiveness over time, often over many years and in an ad hoc way. It is, therefore, inspiring to see new brand Paper Boat enter the Indian beverages category and create bold distinctiveness across the mix from day 1. By all accounts (their sales are still not public) they are growing rapidly, and are attracting a whole bunch of enthusiastic investors along the way. Below, I look at how Paper Boat has baked in distinctiveness to the brand from the start. Brand Idea Paper Boat was "born distinctive". The brand has more than 10 flavours, offering traditional Indian beverages like Jal Jeera, Aam Panna, Kokum, Aamras and Anaar - familiar favorites that have been slowly fading away from public memory.

Inspired by India

Whilst multi-faceted Tata still leads the way, HDFC has risen from 6th place in 2014, to rank 4th with a 15% rise in brand value. Reliance Industries and Airtel have swapped the number 2 and 3 spots with a 3% and 8% growth in revenue respectively.  The fastest rising brand is Maruti Suzuki with a 16% increase in brand value, driven by moves into new segments and moving up the value chain. The brand value of HDFC Bank also grew by 15%, primarily supported by its focus on new solutions and digital channels. Other big risers were Mahindra (14%), Idea (12%), Infosys (12%) and Dabur (12%.) Given the legacy of conglomerate-thinking, diversified businesses and financial services account for the two most significant sector in this year’s league table. While diversified businesses make up 37% of the total brand value of the table, financial services forms 27% of the value. Telecom, auto and tech are the other significant contributors to the value, accounting for 9%, 7.5% and 7% respectively.

12 women: Tista Sen

Only 3% of the world’s advertising creative directors are women. And yet it is women who makes most of the purchasing decisions. Mumbrella Asia asked creative directors in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand for their perspective on the challenges of rising to the top of their profession as a woman. Tista Sen, senior vice president and national creative director, J. Walter Thompson | INDIA Tell us about your background and achievements. I started my career in a film production house and assisted in over 60 commercials. But I always knew it was the writing I interested in. I have worked across categories and clients both FMCG and start-ups and the financial sector. One of my key accomplishments would be to launch Who is your role model?

Celebrity endorsement

Celebrity endorsement is no hidden treasure in the marketers’ toolbox; it has been practiced since the 18th century. As early as 1760, Josiah Wedgwood, the founder of Wedgwood used royal endorsement to create a heightened value for his products.  With the sheer amount of celebrities in existence, it is a surprise if today is not referred to as the Celebrity Age. Always on the hunt for local gems, Creative Culture had a look at a few endorsements outside of the UK… that may come as a surprise. 

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