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I have – deep breath here – three children, a husband, a career, a house or two, a cat, a horse, a camper van, three cars, a gardener and a cleaner, plus a plethora of nieces, nephews, godchildren, friends and other extended family. I insist on making elaborate cakes, cooking Sunday lunch for the masses and collecting fruit to make jam and chutneys. I have kept and slaughtered pigs to prove my rural credentials, and attended parents’ evenings, PTA events and sports days, cheating with the best of them to win the egg and spoon race. I work out three times a week, remember birthdays, try to read all the Booker nominees and have my eyelashes ‘done’ every few weeks. To the casual observer – or, perhaps, anyone that isn’t me – I appear organized, ‘on it’ and someone who doesn’t fail. Because we can have it all, can’t we? We can juggle, dance, side-step and make it all happen – all while boasting a smile, great lashes, perfect kids, manicured nails and no wrinkles.

Attitudes to age

Most businesses have a strategy for transformation, and if they don’t probably need one. When so much is changing and so fast it’s easy to assume that the old guard need clearing out.   However it’s a mistake to assume that everything must change. If you lose perspective and all the experience from the team you are more likely to throw the baby out with the bath water.  At recent judging of effectiveness awards several people commented that there was a great richness of material proving the value of old school branding practices.  Transformation these days may well include restoring well worn paths to excellence that have made way to trendy tactics that still require rigorous proof of concept. In our industry we may be at risk of losing that perspective.   Take your own team for example, does your team come close to matching the population profile by age? Most of us think the ad industry is ageist.

What is your purpose?

The audience at last night’s Marketing Society “Best of the Best” event, held at Royal College of Physicians, were treated to inspiring campaigns from: Iain Sawbridge, Chief Marketing and Digital Content Officer at Beano Alyona Federchenko, Marketing Director at Mars Wrigley Confectionery UK referencing her brilliant #OneRainbow campaign Tanja Grubner, Global Marketing & Communications Director at Essity referencing her revolutionary and game-changing campaign for feminine hygiene These “best-of-the-best” campaigns taught us 4 lessons about the critical path to success including: Put faith in passion points over data points

Inspired Us: Dragon Rouge

It is with great pleasure that the invitation to write this month’s Inspired Us article has finally arrived at the doorstep of Dragon Rouge. So without further ado, here’s a roundup of the five things that have been keeping us (well me) smiling this month. 1. Generation Sensible

10 things: August 2018

Inspired Us - we ask Canopy Insight what's inspired them this month? Their answer: noodles and sharp objects 'Generals win wars, but Sergeants win battles.' BBH's Richard Madden argues the case for the middle-ranking manager. Rebranding death.

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