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Potatoes for peace

We all love to eat potatoes, but could they serve a higher purpose as a tool for peace? Dr Sima Barmania, a British Muslim medical doctor specialising in public health, believes the answer is an emphatic ‘yes’! That is why she has founded a new charity appropriately named Potatoes for Peace TM, which helps school children to understand and appreciate cultural and religious differences in a fun, easy and creative way.

Projecting ourselves

A few years ago, I was browsing round Foyles at lunchtime.   Next to all the books, on the wall, was a map of the world.   But something was funny about it, it was distorted.   The top part (Europe, USA, Russia) was squashed, flat and thin.   And the bottom part (Africa and South America) was stretched out, as if it was melting.   One of the Foyles staff saw me looking at it.   He said “That’s a Peter’s projection  map of the world”.   I said “Why is it so distorted?”   He said “It isn’t distorted, that’s real.   The way we’re used to seeing the world is distorted.”   And he took another map from a shelf and unfolded it.   He said “This is a Mercator projection.”   I said “Yes, that’s what I’m used to, surely that’s

10 things: September

Mental health - focus on the cause not the symptoms, says Simon Garnett in a raw and brave opinion piece. We can have it all, can't we? Asks Havas' Tracey Barber. Where artificial meets intelligence: how voice-first devices are changing our relationship with technology, by Georgia Pounsford of Your Favourite Story. Anatomy of brave.

That Ain't My Department

'My name is John Ford and I make Westerns.'   In the late 1940s John Ford directed three movies about the US Cavalry of the 1860s and ‘70s, all of them starring John Wayne. Ford created a world of dedication and discipline; of camaraderie and quiet courage on meagre rations and poor pay. There is hard drinking, sweet singing, flawed heroism and quite extraordinary horsemanship. We see tight teams built from diverse talents, tough veterans passing on hard-earned wisdom, raw recruits gaining their yellow stripes, and varying degrees of sympathy for the Native Americans.   ‘A good picture is long on action and short on dialogue.’   The ‘Cavalry Trilogy’ was filmed in the majestic setting of Monument Valley and featured regular actors from the John Ford Stock Company. Ford liked to shoot in familiar places with familiar people, away from the interference of studio executives.   ‘I cut in the camera.

Pride and bravery

'Diversity in advertising – just don’t expect to please all of the people all of the time' Mark Runacus, President of PrideAM In my day job I’m a planner in a new hybrid creative/media agency, always encouraging my clients to work with us to produce bold, differentiating work. I love it and I like to think I’m reasonably good at it.  Outside of work I champion diversity as a member of PrideAM, advertising’s LGBT+ network.  To that end, the network has just launched its second Pride Brand Makeover competition, where we encourage brands and their creative and media partners to take an existing campaign and give it a makeover for the LGBT+ audience. As I’ve been encouraging industry friends to join in (it’s free to enter!) I’ve met with a bit of resistance.  Some are frankly scared by the diversity thing. Scared they’ll get it wrong. Scared it’ll backfire on them.  And they’re actually even more scared when it comes to doing acceptably queer stuff.

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Projecting ourselves

A few years ago, I was browsing round Foyles at lunchtime. Next to all the books, on the wall, was a map of the world. But something was funny about it, it was distorted. By Dave Trott..


Lessons from Hollywood

Like Steven Spielberg, when it comes to campaigns and content, we need to stay in the box and go back to basics. Writes Aimee Anderson..


Nike's Kaepernick Ad: Provocative PR, not purpose-led branding

Nike’s new Colin Kaepernick advert has been effective at provoking the desired political controversy and polarised opinion: 30% of US consumers feel more positive about Nike after seeing the ad, but 39% feel more negative.