Inspired Us: The shed and Loving Vincent

Creature London, share their sources of inspiration this month.

Each month we team up with our contributors to find gems of inspiration - because, in order to inspire others, we need to be inspired. 

From a shed-owner tricking Trip Advisor to the artistic film, Loving Vincent, here are the five things which gripped the independent advertising agency:

NASA Podcasts

We tried a new podcast by NASA called 'Gravity Assist' - we're not going to lie, we understood about 20% of it but thought it was great/inspiring as:

a) the man that narrates it is the Director of Interplanetary Science at Nasa and he literally loves space so much that you can't help but get infected by his fascination and passion for it....

b) You realise that even rocket/space scientists have all sorts of basic shit hitting the fan with their job and you just have to stop, think about the problem and give something a go to make progress.

Loving Vincent - A film about Vincent Van Gough

The film was created through a mix of CGI and live action but then every frame of the film was painted by hand by a team of 80 oil painters to create an incredible and dreamy aesthetic, perfect to bring the story of Van Gough to life.

Loving Vincent is a great example of one person's determination and vision to go against the advice of others to create something new in film to honour the artist in the most fitting way. 

London Illustration Fair

It wasn't just full of fantastic work and people, but there were workshops, a bar, and it was great opportunity to pick up some presents as well as nourishing our mind areas.

Back in residence on London’s Southbank, the London Illusatration Fair hosted four floors of illustration, printmaking and design, in addition to over 65 exhibitors, installations and hands-on workshops.

BBC 1 Christmas Ident

Because we need something Christmassy in this last blog post of the year and this is all kinds of lovely:

Read all about the BBC One Christmas trailer which is 'melting hearts'.

The Shed

This is probably a damning - or even searing - indictment of all sorts of modern trends, attitudes, approaches, and the like, but we basically just found it really, really funny.

Read how Oobah Butler turned his shed into London's top-rated restaurant on TripAdvisor.