Emerging Business Online

Emerging Business Online

Emerging Business Online details a step by step framework entitled the ‘Ebocube', for building and executing effective end-to-end online B2B marketing campaigns in emerging markets.

The first few chapters provide a back to basics overview of global marketing practices, international marketing theory and models.  This is ideally suited for those with a foundation knowledge of these areas, or for those looking for a refresher.  

The Ebocube model is broken into three phases…

Phase 1 – Understanding your contact database

  • The Dashboard and the Data Planning
  • Reporting on marketing and contact data
  • It measures what is and isn’t working, which market is generating the highest ROMI
  • Also measures the quality of contact data to leverage an eCRM strategy
  • Reviewing results to that you can assess what has worked and what hasn’t, to decide on the optimal media mix, target countries and industries.

Phase 2 – Campaign management & CRM: use of a proposition, incentive, localisations and the use of an integrated media mix, SMART Objectives

  • Based on the number of contacts that are appropriate for the campaign, you can determine whether you have the data to proceed and plan the campaign using SMART objective which sets the basis for results and metrics

Phase 3 - Marketing Ops

  • Covers budgeting, planning, executing, tracking, measuring campaigns to feed the dashboard with meaningful metrics.

The remaining chapters focus on the market tactics that should be adopted when progressing leads through the sales/marketing funnel from nurture, development and retention and ensuring that your communications is tailored accordingly. The authors have specifically focused on executing online B2B campaigns in emerging markets, however the framework can be applied to any region.  Having personal experience of leading campaigns in an emerging market for a global MNC, I could relate to the processes outlined in the framework as best practice.  

I would recommend this book to individuals who are relatively new to campaign management, or those who recognise that their campaign planning needs more structure.  In my view the Ebocube is applicable to public sector, SME’s and large corporates in any geography. 

Ninder Takhar is head of marketing at BT Conferencing.

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