Best books by Direct Line's Mark Evans

In a new content series Direct Line's Mark Evans chooses his four favourite books for the discerning business leader, with reasons why you should read them.

Dr Seuss – Oh! The Places You’ll go!
It’s a 5 minute read adventure story but the underlying message is that you will be successful, happy, fulfilled, brilliant…. but not every day or week or month, and it is the bumps in the road that bring out the best in you and make for an interesting life story. 

21 Lessons for the 21st century by Yuval Noah Harari
Explores how to tackle some of the big issues in society today, including addressing fake news, and threats from terrorism. This is a must read for anyone in our industry to connect with an ever-changing world. Plus the take on creativity is interesting.

Legacy by James Kerr
This is the story of the world’s most successful sports team ever – the New Zealand All Blacks. Legacy is a beautifully written ‘how to’ guide of effective leadership. It’s the first port of call for any aspiring leader in terms of how to create a context for enduring success. 

Be More Pirate by Sam Conniff
Pirates as you’ve never heard of them before, this book is fantastic for showing how everything can be viewed from a different perspective. It provides a very different take on what it means to be a pioneer.

By Mark Evans, Marketing Director at Direct Line Group