Annual Conference 2014: Meet our speakers

Annual Conference: Meet our speakers

How are things at work? Is it still business as usual? Because we believe that somewhere, someone is doing business unusually - reshaping values, changing rules, transforming business models, resetting the agenda.

Our Annual Conference 2014: Reset the Agenda on Wednesday 26 November is bringing you the people, ideas and inspiration to create a robust, sustainable future for yourself and your business.

Our expert speakers come from all walks of life but they have one thing in common - they understand the importance of thinking differently. They will teach you to cope with discontinuity, overcome legacies and introduce organisational change.

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To reserve your tickets at this year's Annual Conference you can book online or call the team on 0208 973 1360.

Speaker biographies and interviews
Select different speakers below to read their biographies, or click on the bulleted list for exclusive interviews (more to follow soon):