2018 commended, Girlguiding, not for profit - case study

2018 commended, Girlguiding

There were over 70,000 girls on the waiting list to join Girlguiding, who were missing out because there weren’t enough volunteers. Our task was to get 1,000 additional volunteer enquiries for the charity, with limited media spend and a campaign running for one month.

Recruiting time-poor 25-34 year old women in the run up to Christmas was challenging. To encourage sign-ups we first needed to change perceptions of Girlguiding from old-fashioned to relevant.

Doing this would be difficult using only online channels. As Bob Hoffman argues, some of the world’s major brands have been built by advertising, but almost none have been built online, by content or social media*. In addition, our limited budget of £65K meant the creative idea needed to cut through, particularly in the months before Christmas, when other charity brands were spending millions on TV advertising.

This is the story of how our provocative campaign “Know Your Place” resulted in an additional 1,426 volunteer enquiries, whilst changing perceptions of 2018 case study, Awards, commended, Case Study,Girlguiding and making other people in this age range more likely to volunteer for the charity in the future.

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(Please note: parts of this case study may have been redacted for confidentiality purposes.)