10 Things by Elen Lewis

10 Things by Elen Lewis
10 things I learnt this month by Elen Lewis

1/ Koalas bellow.

2/ Facebook hosts 4% of all photos ever taken.

3/ Victorian housewives made jam with carrots as a stand-in for apricots.

4/ Yawning cools down the brain

5/ New homes in Denmark are 80% bigger than new homes in the UK.

6/ 40% of active Twitter users to do not tweet at all, they just follow other people.

7/ Last year, Cliff Richard sold more calendars than any other male celebrity.

8/ One in five British graduates (1.34m) are earning less than the median wage for someone educated to A-level standard.

9/ Mac owners are 80% more likely to be vegetarians than PC owners.

10/ The Ford transit is Britain’s most stolen vehicle.

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