10 best moments from our Annual Conference

10 best moments from our Conference

Here are Peter Fisks “10 best moments” of our Annual Conference, adding to the 10 great anecdotes which our Editor, Elen Lewis has already collated.
1.    Consumption in the “emerging” (fastest growing) markets will grow by $18 trillion between 2010 and 2025, compared to $8 trillion growth in developed markets. Are we focusing most of our future on these markets?
2.    China is transforming its economy 10 times faster than then industrial revolution, with a 100 times more people, (and therefore with potentially 1000 times more impact). Most significantly in the region itself.
3.    When USA becomes self-sufficient in oil by 2020, the dynamics of the Middle East will fundamentally change. China/India’s new dependency will transform global trade, and the influence of new markets.
4.    The biggest impact of the rebalance of economic power from west to east, is the decline of public and rapid re-emergence of private ownership, particularly families, with different strategic purpose and priorities.
5.    Google, Microsoft, Facebook (plus emerging networks like Alibaba and QQ) will become the “platforms” for next generation consumers, brands and businesses. Are we thinking of “platform” markets, and how to use them?
6.    Chinese beer Snowflake is already the biggest brand in the world, based on sales volume. “You’ve never heard of it, and don’t think it’s relevant to your market.” … Time to redefine/reprioritise “your market”.
7.    If you consider that $6 billion people in the world have mobile phones, and only 2.5 billion people have bank accounts, then that is a huge opportunity for mobile banking (and for new businesses like Monetise).
8.    “Marketing has ceded the balance of power to finance” … if most USA-based CMOs have a tenure of 2 years, then marketing only thinks short-term, and has lost sight and influence of the long-term.

9.    “What is the legacy of your marketing?” … what real difference are you making to your world, will you still be proud of it in 30 years’ time (which links to the opportunity of a “circular economy” basis for value creation).
10.    World class performance requires abnormal, superhuman dedication … like “running 20 miles every day, 5 months away from your family at altitude, always eating healthy, never ever drinking, and a total 100% focus” … are we up for it?!

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